Premium Tin
Wine Capsules

The luxury atelier

The Premium Tin collection for wine capsules is our portfolio's highest premium class. It features a selection of one-piece seamless tin capsules which fit any type of bottle perfectly.


Perfect silhouette

Its chic structure is made in different thicknesses and geometries to get the best customized esthetic finish for your product.


  • One-piece capsules
  • Top quality finish
  • Refined texture
  • 100% recyclable and organic
  • Water-based inks
  • Suitable for any bottle neck
  • Thickness diversity
  • Special geometries


Tailor-made design

The tin capsule preparation allows multiple design options. In this line, texture, colors and finishes define a top quality product for eyes that see beyond.

Ramondin guarantee

The Ramondin tin capsule is our most exclusive product.

We were pioneers in launching the first capsule made from 100% pure tin. This enabled us to lead the sector and strengthen its production with a process controlled from origin, from smelting of the raw material to its final decoration. Regarding the tin capsule characteristics, such as being 100% recyclable, Ramondin adds other factors endowing it with even more exceptional qualities, i.e. using water-based inks, without solvents; and the certification of working with audited suppliers in Social Responsibility.